Do You Struggle With Bad Breath? Here’s How You Can Fix It

Having a stinky or bad breath may prove to be an embarrassing situation in public. Bad breath issues are usually caused by the onset of gum disease, dry mouth, cavities, infections, and several other symptoms. While bad breath may be a major dampener for your social life, you can easily fix the issue by adding a few lifestyle habits to your daily routine.

These easy-to-do habits will not just keep bad breath at bay, but will also ensure good skin and hair health. Wondering what these habits are? Read on to know more.

Oil pulling- A traditional Ayurvedic technique, it is well known that oil pulling helps remove bacteria and germs from the mouth, thus improving dental health. It is usually performed with cold-pressed coconut oil that features anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Options such as sesame seed oil or sunflower oil can also be used. To perform this technique, simply take a spoonful of oil first thing in the morning after you wake up and swish it in your mouth without swallowing it. Spit the oil away and then rinse your mouth with water.

Using a bamboo brush- Bamboo, an ingredient known for its antimicrobial property, is beneficial for overall oral health. It is a more sustainable option than using a brush made out of plastic and is better for the environment. Bamboo brushes take approximately 4-6 months to break down and dispose of in the environment.

Tongue scraping- While you brush your teeth diligently every day, do you pay attention to your tongue? It is possible that over time, bacteria, debris, and dead cells may begin to accumulate on the surface of the tongue. This may cause poor breath and overall bad oral hygiene. Tongue scraping is a handy solution to tackle excess particles on the tongue. Use a tongue scraper twice a day and notice the difference you’d feel while tasting different flavours.

If you still continue to face bad breath, we recommend you visit a dentist for proper treatment.